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Making Choices

IN ACTION: Making Choices

“Before the junior youth program started in [my community], we had a problem with the youngsters. I was among those youngsters. If I look at them now . . . some of them are drunkards, some of them have died, and others are the biggest criminals in this community. . . . I’ve really seen a change in my life. At one point, I didn’t even have hope that my life was going to continue. But I think the material really assisted me in how I can continue with life, how I can make my life better, how I can serve humanity . . .”
— A 24-year-old graduate

“. . . you can be lied to if you follow others blindly . . . you look, you see what will be the consequences of doing certain things. You compare bad or good. I have to decide whether to do it or not.”
— A young man who studied the books

GLIMPSES FROM THE FIELD: To the right, two young men who completed the series comment on the implications of understanding choice in one’s life.

GLIMPSES FROM THE BOOKS: Many of the characters featured in the DLP materials confront challenges that call upon them to make moral decisions amid complex social forces. Glimmerings of Hope tells the story of Kibomi, a 12-year-old caught in the midst of an ethnic struggle between the Kungu and Adumba peoples. After witnessing the murder of his parents outside their family home, Kibomi sets out to find his sister, in another city. Soon after leaving, he meets a group of young soldiers who present him with a difficult choice.

The lesson excerpted here gives an example of how young people who study the materials are helped to think through some of the issues involved in making moral choices. Click to see lesson.